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Auto Injuries

The damage caused by auto injuries can be unpredictable and long-lasting. There is the potential for devastating physical injuries. There may also be psychological trauma that could last even longer.

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Our chiropractic care treatments can help heal your physical injuries so you can get back to a normal routine and start feeling like your old self again.

Pain Relief for Auto Related Injuries

Treatments like chiropractic adjustments, spinal decompression, and class IV laser therapy are all valuable assets when it comes to treating pain after a car accident.

Whiplash Relief Treatment Hampton, VA

Chiropractic care has been used for many years to treat issues with the spine. It is a viable alternative to surgery and medication when it comes to relieving pain.

Depending on the nature of your auto accident injury, surgery may not be necessary to help restore your mobility and range of motion or to relieve pain.

Surgical procedures are highly invasive and leave you open to the risk of infection. If you can get the results you need without it, it’s always worth looking into.

If your auto accident created a situation where you’re in daily pain, treating it with medication will only get you temporary relief until you need another dose. The problem with this approach is that you’ll never really reach the end. You’re not doing anything to treat the underlying cause of the pain.

We’ve successfully treated a range of different auto accident injuries, including:

  • Whiplash
  • Sprains and strains
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Ligament damage
  • Internal injuries

Whiplash Treatment Newport News, VA

Whiplash Treatment

If your injury was caused by a rear-end collision, you might be suffering from whiplash. Upon impact, your head is whipped violently back and forth. This causes damage to the nerves and tissues that is characteristic of whiplash.

It’s important to seek medical treatment as soon as possible if you’ve been in an accident that caused your head to whip back and forth, and you suspect you may have whiplash.

Our treatments have been successful at treating many cases of whiplash. They allow you to recover faster and get back to your normal routine.

Chiropractic adjustments for Auto Injuries

Chiropractic Care for Auto Related Injury Newport News, VA

Our chiropractic adjustments will help restore balance to your body by realigning vertebrae that are out of place, relieving pressure on compressed nerves and tissues, and increasing blood flow to the affected areas.

Most people that receive adjustments after an auto injury see a reduction in their overall pain level. They also have improved mobility and range of motion, as well as a host of other benefits.

You may also notice that you’re sleeping more soundly, your immune system is functioning at a higher level, you recover from other injuries faster, and your moods are more even-keeled.

If you would like more information about our treatments for auto injuries in Williamsburg, Newport News, Hampton, or any nearby city, call us today at (757) 220-8552 to schedule a free consultation. We will assess your condition and create a treatment plan designed for results.