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Better Posture at Work

If you find yourself with a sore neck or back as you go to sleep, or with uncomfortable pain throughout the day, then you are probably suffering from the result of poor posture like many other people around you. From our youth we are taught to “stand up straight” and “put your shoulders back” and “keep your chin up” and “don’t slouch”. But somehow we tend to forget these things as we get older. Why has our posture become so bad? It requires more energy to stand and sit up straight than to just slump back. It’s also not always as comfortable initially. Having good posture is more than just keeping your back straight. It includes putting your whole body in a well-aligned position, from your head to your feet. It’s difficult to maintain a comfortable position that also shows good posture. In today’s post, we will share a few ideas of how to have better posture at work.

Stretch. Make sure to be taking breaks frequently to stretch your body. Don’t just move around in your chair. Get up and walk around, especially if you’re sitting at your desk for 9 hours a day! Take a break every once in a while to get up and get some fresh air while you stretch. This will not only be good for your posture, but it will also help you focus and be more productive at work.

Use a Good Chair. Your office might not be able to afford an expensive posture-supporting chair, but try to get the best one you can. Use footrests and/or pillows to help support you if necessary.

Wear Comfortable Shoes. Even if you’re going to be sitting behind a desk all day, make sure that you have comfortable shoes. Uncomfortable shoes can cause your feet to be squished or put themselves in positions that are not good for the rest of your body. If you absolutely must wear those uncomfortable heels, find a way to take them off when you don’t have to wear them.

Think About It. The hardest part about good posture isn’t sitting up straight- it’s remembering to constantly do that. While you’re at work, you have a million different things on your mind, so posture is probably not going to pop into your mind too often. Find ways to remind yourself. Write a note on your computer or at your desk. Set a reminder or alarm on your phone to remind you every hour or so to check your posture.

Make it Natural. Don’t stress your body while maintaining proper posture. Make sure your body is relaxed while staying straight. Don’t stress your muscles, otherwise they will become sore instead of your neck and back!

So tomorrow (or today!) when you are work, make sure to be thinking about the best way to sit at your desk that will help you have good posture. This will make you happier, healthier, and who knows- you might actually enjoy work a little more!