Care to Share Event- You Can Still Share!

This past weekend, we hosted our Care to Share event! This was an event to help raise money for the Lackey Free Clinic in Yorktown. Lacey Free Clinic provides medical services to families who cannot afford to see a doctor. In 2012 alone, they had over 12,000 patient visits! We wanted to help them out so we threw the Care to Share event to help them raise some funds so they can continue to help people.

At our event, we encouraged people to come out by offering free massages and evaluations, among other services, for existing and new patients. We also offered a raffle for people who donated to the Lackey Free Clinic fund. We were able to work with 20 new patients and many existing ones as well. Even though we lost power on Friday due to the storms, we still had a successful weekend as we saw over 50 people and raised $300 for Lackey Free Clinic!

But the fun isn’t over just yet. We decided to extend our raffle for donations throughout the end of this week. For every $5 someone donates to the Lackey Free Clinic fund, they will get a raffle ticket to be put in a drawing at the end of the week, three lucky winners will get some awesome prizes! One of the prizes is a pack of 3 60 minute massages. Another prize is a garden tote. And the final prize is a summer cooler, filled 4 koozies and gift cards!

If you want to help out Lackey Free Clinic and be put in that drawing, stop by our office on Discovery Park Blvd before Saturday! Give us a call if you need directions or have any questions!

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