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Celebrate Wellness! “When Did This Problem Start?”

It’s a question doctors commonly ask their patients.Do you know when your problems began? Perhaps your symptoms began after a slip, a fall, a sports incident, or an auto accident. You may even know the precise date and time your symptoms began. At least as commonly, patients tell their doctors, “The problem began a month, maybe two months ago,” or “this has been happening off and on for years,” or, “I don’t know why this is happening, or how long I’ve had it, I just know that I need help.”

It’s very common for doctors of chiropractic to see patients whose problems are “two weeks old” or that “just started last Tuesday,” whose problems in fact started months, years, even decades prior. That back that’s “just started aching,” when x-rayed, reveals degenerated joints and discs suggesting many years of abuse and neglect.

That tingle down the arm to the fingers, or that foot that doesn’t work quite right, is coming from a spinal disc or foramen (hole for the nerve root at the spinal level) that’s been failing or closing down for years. That hamstring strain came from imbalances that finally showed up as pain in your body’s weak link.

And that hip pain, or knee that the surgeon says will need to be replaced… that’s from the malfunctioning foot, or the years of poor shoe selection, or hip and low back misalignment and dysfunction. New patients typically visit chiropractors because of pain. Imagine if we all treated chiropractic like dentistry: Get care for pain, but also go regularly for check-ups to catch little problems before they can become big ones.

If preventative (“wellness”) care is good enough for your teeth — which, in the worst-case scenario can be pulled or replaced — surely it’s good enough for your spine! Unlike a tooth, your spine can’t be pulled or replaced.

For patients who visit the chiropractor for the first time due to pain, remember that when the pain is gone you’re not necessarily at 100%. Give your body time to get stronger, to adapt to your adjustments, to “lock in” the right patterns. Chiropractic isn’t so good that you’ll never have another episode, but stacking the deck in your favor is a great place to start. The best way to overcome problems… is to avoid them in the first place.

Please, do take advantage of the opportunity to live… well… with chiropractic care. Our role is to help you feel and FUNCTION at your best — whether you are in pain, feeling better, or feeling great. If you’re ready to work toward living a pain-free life, schedule an appointment and ask us how we can help. Call us at 757-220-8552 to schedule an appointment today. Click here to request an appointment online.