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(The New Health Care… is HEALTH Care)

Health care is changing. New technologies allow massive storage and data sharing, and new regulations govern how the data is used, analyzed, and shared. New treatment methods are being born every day, and new systems of delivering care are taking shape. All that having been said, perhaps some of the best “new” care has roots in older, more established and tested forms of health care. Here are some facts and tips to help you and your entire family thrive in the emerging health care system.

When governments and markets get involved in health care delivery, they like to measure and compare. When HMO’s came on the scene back in the 1980’s, their stated focus was on “outcomes,” i.e. the effectiveness of care; but too much of the “outcome” focused on costs. HMO plans were less expensive than “cadillac” PPO plans, but subscribers soon found out that you rarely get more for less. Hollywood blockbusters soon depicted how big insurers were filling their coffers at very real human costs.

Today, the term “outcomes” has taken on new life. Is this a good thing, or a bad thing? That depends. New technologies and coding systems are ever more effective at quantifying what’s wrong with you, how you were treated, how you responded or didn’t respond, and what that care cost. If the pressure is to provide high quality outcomes that people value, at reasonable costs, that sounds like a good thing; but the opposing view is that when business and health care collide, strange and sometimes unpleasant consequences arise. Doctors must practice based on best evidence, rationality, and their own experience base… not simply the dictates of theoreticians and bean counters. Balance is essential.

Since 1895, doctors of chiropractic have been caring for patients; and “outcomes” have been essential to the profession’s survival and spread. A profession cannot grow from a single individual’s experiments, into a profession licensed in all 50 states and around the world, without real and valuable outcomes for humanity. Those outcomes have included relief from pain, yes; but they have also come from individuals noting improved vitality, improved performance, and a strong sense of well-being through the natural and devoted methods of their doctors of chiropractic. These doctors literally touched millions of people; and they set a standard for caring and service. They still do, and will.

The old HMO model promised prevention as the path to a healthier society. That didn’t pan out; but chiropractors remain dedicated to precisely that outcome. These special doctors have helped many avoid surgery– not that surgery is in all cases bad, but because surgery and drugs and other interventions need to be used in a sensible order, for sensible reasons. Conservative, non-invasive care should come before more drastic measures whenever reasonable and possible. One of the most conservative measures is caring for your own health, and doctors of chiropractic are uniquely trained to help you do that through advice on posture, diet, exercise, ergonomics, and more; as well as through the power of the chiropractic adjustment.

Modern science is an ever-growing venture that supports the value inherent in chiropractic. Regardless of what the future may bring, these doctors will continue to help people and society explore their potential… in sickness, and in health.

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