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Concussion Recovery Program

Are you experiencing persistent headaches, dizziness, or difficulty concentrating following a head injury? Do you find yourself struggling with memory problems or experiencing changes in mood and behavior?

At Pinto Innovative Health & Wellness, we understand the challenges of living with a concussion and the impact it can have on your daily life. But the good news is, you don’t have to navigate this journey alone.

Our Concussion Recovery Program, led by experts Dr. Em Pinto and Dr. Lynn Carlson, is here to provide you with the support and personalized care you need to get back on track.

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Dr Emilie Pinto

Meet Our Concussion Experts

Dr. Emilie Pinto, DO: With years of experience in physical medicine and rehabilitation, Dr. Em is committed to delivering personalized care to each patient.

As the Medical Director at Pinto Innovative Health & Wellness, she oversees the concussion recovery program with a focus on evidence-based treatments and compassionate support.

Dr Lynn CarlsonDr. Lynn Carlson, DC, DACNB, FABBIR, FACFN: Dr. Lynn brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in rehabilitation and concussion recovery to our team.

As the Director of Rehabilitation, she works closely with patients to develop tailored treatment plans to maximize recovery and restore function.

The Concussion Program Highlights

Our Concussion Recovery Program is designed to provide comprehensive care and support throughout the recovery process.

Key features of the program include:

  • Comprehensive Clinical Examination: Upon entering the program, patients undergo a thorough clinical examination conducted by our team of experts. This evaluation helps us understand the extent of the injury and develop a personalized treatment plan.
  • Concussion Therapy Williamsburg, VA

  • Diagnostic Testing: We utilize state-of-the-art diagnostic testing to assess brain function and identify any underlying issues contributing to concussion symptoms. These tests may include neurocognitive assessments, balance and vestibular testing, oculomotor diagnostics with video nystagmography, and imaging studies as needed.
  • Review of Findings: Following the diagnostic evaluation, our team reviews the findings with the patient and their family, providing clear explanations and answering any questions or concerns. We believe in empowering patients with knowledge about their condition and treatment options.
  • Treatment Recommendations: Based on the results of the evaluation, we develop customized treatment recommendations tailored to address each patient’s unique needs. Treatment may include a combination of physical medicine, functional rehabilitation, medication management, and lifestyle modifications. Our doctors are available to facilitate a Return-to-Learn/Work/Play to safely guide you in getting back to the activities in your life.

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If you or a loved one is struggling with the effects of a concussion, don’t wait to seek help. Contact Pinto Innovative Health & Wellness at (757) 220-8552 to schedule a consultation with our experienced team. Together, we can develop a personalized treatment plan to help you reclaim your health and vitality.

Take the first step towards recovery with Pinto Innovative Health & Wellness. Your journey to wellness starts here.