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How To Get Rid of Headaches: Visit Your Chiropractor!

There’s nothing worse than a constant pounding in your head that distracts you from work, family, or even sleep. Do you suffer from headaches? If so, did you know that visiting a chiropractor can help eliminate headaches? Read this post to see how to get rid of headaches by a visit to your chiropractor!

The Type of Headache

We must start with a disclaimer- headaches are caused by a myriad of various problems. While chiropractic care can alleviate many symptoms and pains in your body, it really depends on the source of the problem. Not every type of headache can be cured by your chiropractor. However, chances are that you are suffering from one of two types of common headaches, which can be treated by chiropractic care: Tension headaches and Muscular Tension Headaches.

Why It Works

The problem with many treatments options in our world today is that we try to alleviate the symptoms, rather than eliminate the problem. This is like putting a band-aid on a gushing wound, or taking ibuprofen for a broken leg. It may help the symptoms, but it does not treat the cause, therefore the symptoms will only return at some point after they go away. Many people treat headaches in the same way. There are many products on the market to take care of headache pain, but as you may have noticed, your headache only returns again. Chiropractic care can find the source of your headache pain to help you eliminate it. You won’t have to pop pills every day to get rid of the pain in your head, because it will be gone altogether.

It Really Does Help

According to a study with 87 people who suffered from headaches, 85% of the females and 50% of the males with the common migraine found complete relief or at least significant improvement from their headache pains. The percentages increased when dealing with the classical migraine, as women improved 78% and males improved 75%. Don’t be afraid to visit your chiropractor and tell them about your headaches. They may have a solution to help you that really works.

So next time your headache returns, instead of popping a pill, consider picking up the phone and calling your chiropractor! If you live in the Williamsburg area, Pinto Chiropractic will happily serve your chiropractic needs! To view all of our services, please visit here or give us a call today at 757-645-9300!

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