Golf Chiropractic

Golf Chiropractors Williamsburg VAIf you are a golfer, you may already know that golf and chiropractic medicine fit like a glove. For others, back pain caused by golf is accepted as a normal thing. No matter where you fit into the spectrum, it’s important to know that regular chiropractic treatment for golf back pain can not only deliver relief, but it can also improve your golf game.

Having treated patients in Williamsburg, Virginia for over 25 years, we’ve encountered a number of golfers who suffer from pain. With over a dozen renowned golf courses to choose from, it’s only natural that our community is filled with people who enjoy the sport. Those who play regularly understand that a swing of a driver and even a five iron occurs at speeds of up to 100 mph. All this happens while turning, twisting and pulling at the musculoskeletal system largely in their torso. This recurring action can be extremely traumatic to the lower back and can lead to pain throughout the body.

Whether you are a golfer who experiences pain or you’re just looking to increase flexibility so you can shave strokes off your golf score, the doctors and therapists at Pinto Chiropractic can help. With our specialized sports therapy training, we are able to deliver individualized care for each patient who comes through our doors. From the diagnosis of injury to the plan of treatment recommended for your care, our goal is to reduce and eliminate pain, restore normal athletic function and provide you with the mobility and flexibility required to improve your performance.

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