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We value our customer's experience at Pinto Innovative Health & Wellness.
Below are some client testimonials we wanted to share.

In September, Dr.Em gave me stem cell injections in my thumb to treat CMC osteoarthritis. The use of my thumb and hand has improved greatly. I am now able to tie my shoes without pain and no longer have aches and pain doing many other daily activities. Dr. Em and her staff were extremely courteous and professional. I would highly recommend her for anyone that is having these same issues.

Diane C.

I have been living with pain in my hip for many years. I had finally accepted that I was going to live with it for the rest of my life after trying a number of therapies. I attended one of Dr. Emilie Pinto’s education programs about PRP and was drawn to the concept that healing can happen without more medication or surgery. I have had two treatments so far and have been amazed by the relief from my constant pain of many years. The careful and caring approach Dr. Em uses provides realistic hope and results you can feel!

Missy Z.

After suffering from injuries to my back and hip from a fall, I was unable to walk or perform normal daily activities without extreme pain for 5 months. After coming to the Pinto Clinic and enrolling in their therapy and rehabilitation program, I am now able to enjoy walking and living without pain. I just recently returned from a vacation in Key West and was able to walk several miles a day. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr Bob and their professional and caring staff. Through their chiropractic, massage , laser, ultrasound and rehab treatments.. they have given me my life back!!

Martha N.

During my trip here, the team of Professionals that I encountered was very polite. I am glad that I was able to be seen by such an amazing team. Although I wasn't able to afford to continue services with them, I will recommend them to everyone for their chiropractic and rehabilitation needs. I am still in need of their services and would feel that I would be doing myself a dishonor if I decide to take my business anywhere else. According to the nurses and doctors ability to accurately and quickly diagnose and create a treatment plan for my problem areas, I recommend this place to anyone because I am sure that they will do the same for you.

Aurora S.

The doctor & staff are super friendly & informative. I'm a relatively new patient & I am very impressed with their professionalism & their ability to explain my complex issues in a relatable manner. In the short time that I've been going, I've already noticed an appreciable improvement to my back & neck. I will continue my regimen & would recommend this practice to anyone that needed Chiropractic care!

Lee M.

I have had back problems for years, even after going to other Chiropractors. Dr. Pinto and his team were the first to send me for xrays and did an in depth analysis and care plan. They provided more than just adjustments. Massage therapy, physical therapy and STEM treatments together helped to relieve my pain for the first time! I highly recommend Pinto Chiropractic to anyone

Austin P.

Anyone looking for pain relief without drugs and injections without hesitation should go to Pinto chiropractic! I am a patient there and can tell you they do miracle work. They have a positive approach, organized ,fully explained treatment and rehab plans. You feel comfortable ,relaxed, welcomed, And confident that they have their full focus on you. Family friendly. Great staff, flexible hours. For appointments. There simply is no reason not to go!.

Gina A.

Pinto Chiropractic provides the utmost quality of care and service for their patients. From entering a welcoming waiting room with refreshments, to the detailed adjustment you get for whatever your need may be. Highly recommend, and the staff is superior!

Randi K.

Just started treatment here. 4 or 5 adjustments in and I'm seeing significant improvement. The office is quite nice. All of the staff and therapists have been great. Dr. Pinto is super thorough.

Aaron B.

I found Pinto Chiropractic due to a neck injury. Their outstanding care allowed me to travel to Tanzania on a photography trip without pain or limitation. I highly recommend them!

Caroline M.