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Work Ergonomics

Work. It’s a part of modern adult life, and it can be a pain—literally. Neck pain, back pain, wrist pain, headaches, obesity, and worse—all can be related to your work habits. What is ergonomics, and how can that science help you get your daily work done, without compromising your health? Here are some facts and tips, courtesy of the Unified Virginia Chiropractic Association.

Ergonomics in The Workplace

Your employer has strong incentives to keep you healthy and pain-free at work. No, not just for safety – but to keep you on the job, focused and productive. A study of American workers demonstrated that 13% had decreased on-the-job productivity due to common pain conditions such as arthritis, back pain, headaches, and “other musculoskeletal” conditions (carpal tunnel syndrome, sprains/strains, etc.). As many as 5.4% of all workers suffered decreased on-the-job productivity due to headaches, with back pain not far behind.

Employers and employees alike take heart; your doctor of chiropractic, with the aid of modern technology and a few simple adaptations, can help decrease, limit, or avoid pain in your body and your wallet:

  • Be Active as You Sit: The body was designed to move. Despite what mom may have said, sitting up straight for prolonged periods is not good for you. A reclined position and regular postural shifts help eliminate strain, muscle fatigue and back pain. NOTE: If your chair has a recline tension control – and modern ergonomic chairs often do — adjust it so the backrest supports you in both upright and reclined positions.
  • Avoid Chair Locks: Do not use a recline lock or limiter if your chair is outfitted with one. These devices restrict movement required for spinal nutrition. Motion is life, for both humans and their spines.
  • Minimize reaching: Position your mouse close to the keyboard or over the numeric keypad to minimize reaching. Avoid anchoring your wrist on the desk. Instead, glide the heel of your palm over the mousing surface and use your entire arm to mouse.
  • Reduce Glare: No, we don’t mean to stop staring angrily at co-workers! You’ll be more productive, and better off, if you position a task light to the side opposite your writing hand. Shine it on paper documents, but away from computer monitors, to reduce glare and potential eyestrain.

Doctors of chiropractic have extensive specialty training in the human frame and nervous system.

They’re ideal partners for employers and employees alike who wish to maximize productivity, minimize on-the-job injury, and create a healthier society. Work with a doctor of chiropractic to:

  • Optimize body mechanics
  • Minimize or eliminate residuals of weaknesses and imbalances and injuries
  • Learn the rules that allow you to avoid injury and be more effective — whether as a parent, a private sector worker, a member of the armed forces, a civil servant, an athlete, or simply a person desiring to live life to the fullest.

Please, do take advantage of the opportunity to live… well… with chiropractic care. Our role is to help you feel and FUNCTION at your best — whether you are in pain, feeling better, or feeling great. If you’re ready to work toward living a pain-free life, schedule an appointment and ask us how we can help. Call us at 757-220-8552 to schedule an appointment today.